Things To Do in Taiwan

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I always wanted to visit Taiwan, for no reason though. It was always on my bucket list, although I didn’t know a lot about it. So I was even more surprised by this many-sided country. During my journey I visited the capital city Taipei and Kenting in the south. Both places had so much to offer.
Here are my TOP Things To Do in Taiwan:


Visit the amazing Shifen waterfall.

Shifen Waterfall Taiwan

Let a traditional sky lantern fly. Just nearby the Shifen waterfall: Choose the color of your sky lantern (each color has a different meaning, like wealth, luck, health, career, family, etc., you can also combine two colors) and write all your wishes and blessings on the lantern before you let it go – it was an amazing experience!

Sky lantern Taiwan

Take a boat and walk during sunset over the Danshui Lover’s Bridge in Tamsui.

Danshui Lovers Bridge Taiwan

Enjoy a hot spring bath. You’ll feel really relaxed afterwards, it can be also good for your health.

Hot Springs Taiwan


Take a surfing class – it’s so much fun. That time the waves were ideal for beginners.

Surfing in Kenting Taiwan

Make a Food-Tour along the night market in Kenting and try fancy food like deep fried oreo cookies (omg, so yummy!), flaky scallion pancakes, stinky tofu (you’ll hate it or love it) and other taiwanese street food. They offer so much food for every taste.

Deep fried Oreo

Deep fried Oreo

Street Food Taiwan Kenting

Stinky Tofu Taiwan

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Sharing is caring!

Jetzt mein neues eBook \

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  • Claire & Anthony says:

    We’ve just been to Taipei, Macau & Hong Kong on our way back to the UK from China. We had a brilliant time there – we found the museums of Taipei a really interesting way to gain an understanding of the history of Taiwan. Check out our blog post for ideas:

    • Hey Claire & Anthony,

      I’m sure you had an awesome trip! I visited Hong Kong last year as well and it was amazing there!
      I’m going to check out your blog post! 🙂

      Cheers and safe travels,


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