How to generate more Traffic by using Snapchat

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The image of Snapchat has changed. The times of „Sexting“ are history. Snapchat has much more to offer than only sending pictures of someones private parts. I want to show you why Snapchat has become an important and valuable social media tool, which can help you to promote your business and generate more traffic to your website and blog.

Snapchat as a marketing tool

When I visited Taipeh last year, a friend of mine told me to download this app. After I created my profile I was ready to use it but after a few minutes I was already wondering: „What’s the matter with this App? Comes there any value with it?“. Back then my answer was „no“, so I deleted the application immediately. A few months later I launched my travel & lifestyle blog and I’ve noticed that more and more people are using Snapchat in Europe as well. So I gave it a try again and I realized that Snapchat is actually a real cool App for bloggers and other businesses.

What is Snapchat useful for?
Storytelling and personalization

It’s an authentically tool for storytelling. Twitter and Snapchat even have something in common. Snapchat is also a real-time social media channel. When you’re traveling, dining out, attending a conference, festival, trade show, showing news and updates about your company or anything else, you can upload photos or videos immediately and share them with your followers so they’ll get the feeling that they’re joining you.

Call to action –
Promote news and updates

Promote your lastest newsletter, your current blogpost or any other news and specials about your website or blog. Take a video and scroll down your website/blog, in the meantime you can tell a few words about what you’re showing, so people will know what your news and updates are about. They’ll get interested and want to read more about it. In the best case they’re going to visit your website after watching your Snap.

Behind the scenes

Share photos, videos and impressions on events you are attending. It’s always exciting to show others a look behind the scenes and giving the feeling, that they’re exploring with you. Show them rare footage. They’ll appreciate it.

Corporate Identity

Snapchat is a great and easy-to-use marketing tool. You can build a brand or rather make your brand stronger and give it your own, individual and personal touch. CI is an important recognition factor and it helps you to build a strong relationship to your follower, fans and business partner.

Interaction with your followers

This is probably the most important thing. Create interaction with your followers. Build a relationship and show them that you’re a real person, who is interested in communicating with them. Ask questions and let them know where to answer them, either on your website, blog, via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

Do you use Snapchat to promote a business? What Snapchat tips do you want to share?

Happy Snapping!


Sharing is caring!

Jetzt mein neues eBook \

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