Foodtrip Chatuchak Bangkok

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Chatuchak or how Thai people call it „JJ-market“, is one of the biggest weekend markets worldwide.

There are more than 10.000 shops and you can find almost everything there, like food, clothes, books, decoration, plants, art, antiques, ceramics and much more, the list is endless!

When to go there?

It’s open every saturday + sunday. Better go early in the morning because during afternoon it can be really hot and not all the shops have a roof that protects you from the heat of the sun.

How to get there?

  • by taxi
  • by BTS (skytrain) – station: Mo Chit, take exit no. 1
  • by MRT (subway) – station: Chatuchak Park, take exit no. 1

Never forget to bargain – unless you’re going to buy foods or beverages, those prices are fixed.
Even though Chatuchak is a touristy place, the prices for foods and drinks are still quite cheap,     mostly I went there for “food shopping” – so here’s a list of my favourites!

Tornado Potato (deep-fried potato on a stick):

  • as crunchy as chips
  • you can choose different flavours, like paprika, onion, cheese, etc.

Street Food Chatuchak Bangkok

Coconut Ice-cream

  • freshly made and natural
  • you can add different toppings, like peanuts, jelly’s, corn, etc.

Coconut Ice Cream Thailand

Coconut ice cream

Kuay Teow Lui Suan (fresh noodle rolls)

  • Thai version of a vietnamese spring roll but totally different, instead of pork it’s filled with other things, like fish and chicken
  • the veggie version is filled with tofu and/or mushrooms
  • dip it in sweet-spicy sauce and add some crushed peanuts on the top

Fresh spring rolls

Som Tam (papaya salad)

  • I guess this dish probably tastes always a little bit different, depending on where you get it
  • apparently it’s one of the most spicy Thai dishes ever, but I ordered a „mai-phed-version“, so it tasted really juicy and not too spicy
  • a perfect dish for hot weather

Som Tam


  • yup, it’s only a simple donut with sugar on the outside, but it has a strong vanilla taste, which makes it even more tasty
  • you can get those at almost every street food corner

Mini donuts

Kanom („Cake-Candy“):

  • a typical Thai treat, at the first bite you think you’re eating flubber, because the consistence is quite wobbly
  • it’s like playing roulette, some of them are reaaaally good –  other’s taste horrible, the green one was awesome and the black one already smelled disgusting
  • so just give it a try and eat as much as you can till you find your favourite one 😀

Thai cake

Fresh Coconut juice

  • of course you don’t get it only at the Chatuchak, but I had it most of the time there
  • make sure to drink it ice-cold

Fresh coconut

Roti (pancake)

  • it’s like a thick crêpe/pancake but tastes way better
  • you can choose different sweet or salty fillings
  • my favourite one is filled with banana and nutella plus carnation (condensed milk) on the top
  • Which fancy markets do you like?

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Sharing is caring!

Jetzt mein neues eBook \

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