Being expat in Bangkok

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What’s it like being expat in Bangkok?

Temples. Language barriers. Cockroaches. Awesome food. Rip off. Great nightlife. Tradition. That’s how I’d describe BKK aka one of the best cities in the world. It’s also a famous destination for backpacker and well-known for cheap living and partying.

When you’ve lived in BKK for a while, this is what might can happen to you:

  • cockroaches and rats don’t bother you anymore
  • even without noticing you add after every sentence the word kha (female) or khrub (male) to sound more local and polite
  • you get used to the „Asian-Time“ and frequently tends to be 15 – 30 minutes late  for a meet up (which is a lot for germans)
  • you know that „Teksiii-Meeeeta have accident“ is not true

Traffic Bangkok

  • you „only“ spent 30 minutes in a taxi for around 3 km and you’re glad that the traffic wasn’t too bad
  • seeing a whole family hitching on a single motorbike isn’t unusual (once I’ve seen a whole family: father, mother and three children riding on only one motorbike wtf)
  • people holding grilled scorpions in your face doesn’t scare you at all
  • you’re not fussy anymore, e. g. you eat where cockroaches crawl under your feet, from a dirty table, sitting on a broken plastic chair in other words you’re eating there where you wouldn’t even have taking a sh*? before
  • you deal with it that you as a non-Thai have to pay entrance for temples and local clubs. While your Thai friends can just go inside, you have to pay first

Buddha Temple Bangkok

  • you know how to distinguish if a Thai person is either woman, man or something in between

Ladyboy Bangkok

  • getting massages is no luxury for you anymore, since you’re in BKK you get at least one massage every week
  • it’s nothing special to you that people are staring and comparing you with celebrities
  • it’s okay for you that some people think of you as an ATM machine
  • you naturally take your shoes off before you enter a shop or your apartment
  • you think that paying more than 2 € for lunch is too expensive

Street Food Bangkok

  • it doesn’t bother you anymore that everybody calls you „Farang“ (foreigner) or is talking behind your back
  • you buy everything in 7/11 store and you can’t imagine your life without it anymore
  • you’re annoyed if you’re waiting more than 5 minutes for a taxi (oh yeah, first world problems)
  • you can order food fluently in thai but nobody will understand you anyways because you pronounce everything totally wrong no matter how hard you try

Thai Street Food Bangkok

  • so you accept that they always pretend to understand you even if they’d never admit that they normally get you wrong plus you have to be satisfied with the food they serve you and you’ll eat it  – always a surprise and a „pleasure“ though

Fish in Bangkok

  • you don’t expect that the food will arrive at the same time on your table, when you’re eating out with friends, so you start eating while it’s warm
  • you learn to order food/drinks in an instant because it’s normal that the waiter will give you the menu but no time to read it and is always in a rush, he expects you to order after a few seconds

 Food in Bangkok

  • you realize how awesome Bangkok is and that this city will never bore you, so before you leave you’ve already planned the next trip in your mind. Living in Thailand will change your life!

Lebua State Tower Skyline Bangkok

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Jetzt mein neues eBook \

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